Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Copperplate Writing

Copperplate Pointed Pen writing goes very slowly.
I have been working on this order for several days, happy to be doing such a classic style. Sometimes I forget which century I am sitting in as I watch the ink flow out onto the white paper.
(The readable names and addresses are ficticious to protect privacy.)
Congratulations to my clients Maggie and Jake!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Calligraphic Handwriting on Envelopes

These envelopes were written with a monolinear tool, more quickly than with the chisel edge. The flourishes were easier and freer than with the chisel too. I mixed the paint to match a kind of 'eggplant' color, and had the pleasure of working on Crane's paper. I loved how they turned out.

Client: Elizabeth Hummert, Boise Designer


My son Dylan filmed me writing late one night. Here is a quick view of cursive 'Italic' written with sumi ink on Folio paper with a Speedball C-1 nib. I only use the Speedball nibs in this size and in C-0. They provide a smoother ink flow than do the resevoirs of the Brause or Tape or Mitchell nibs in a large size.